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Adobe Illustrator Pattern Brushes

Illustrator Bolts and screw heads
Three free illustrator brushes featuring a bolt head, screw and nail, designed for use with the line tools.

Illustrator Circular Patterns
A set of seven designed to be used on circles and ovals, the colours can also be change on this set.

Illustrator Circular Patterns 2
Another selection of four free illustrator brushes to fit circles and ovals.

Skulls and Bones
Quite a gothic based set featuring corner skull brushes and bones, for use on squares and rectangles.

Illustrator Squares
A selection of circular designs, based on squares and diamonds.

Spirograph Circles
Created from lines and curves, reminds me of Spirograph when I was a kid.

Holly Leaves
Ideal for Xmas styled borders, menus and greeting cards.

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